What's the best way to take pictures of your food?

With a phone, right?!

Here is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to start taking those Instagram-worthy snaps without breaking the bank.

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Get ready for your food photography to get a huge upgrade with this smartphone course!


Do you dread the idea of buying expensive camera equipment?

I know how hard it is to find affordable photography gear, especially if someone doesn't have any experience with cameras. That's why I created this course. To teach you everything you need to take great photos without breaking your budget!

Our easy-to-follow tutorials cover all topics from understanding exposure settings and composition principles through lighting techniques and styling tips, all while using your cell phone.

The result: beautiful pictures taken by people just like YOU at YOUR own pace--which means more fun time shooting

So if you've been wondering how to get your food photography game on point, think no more!


Smartphone cameras are pretty amazing nowadays. But to get professional results, you still must learn the basics of photography. Don't just learn the basic settings of your phone. Learn the vital keys of composition, lighting, photo editing, and so much more! 

You'll be taking photos with your cell not because you forgot your big camera at home, but because it's so easy and quick to get high-quality results without fuss!

Food Photography Made Easy is the perfect place for beginners of all levels. So forget about those expensive DSLR cameras and bring out that old cell phone in your pocket - we'll take care of everything else.


Here's What You're Going to Learn:

  • How to think like a photographer
  • How to stage and style your food so it looks great on camera
  • Understanding why composition is the foundation of all your images and composition techniques
  • Natural lighting and how to work with it
  • Learn some great inexpensive styling tips
  • Easy editing to make your images look professional
  • And so much more
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Smartphone photography is an art that can be mastered.


You will become a whiz of all things photographic. If you want to improve your cell phone photography skills, then this is the course for YOU!

Many photography courses often just show you which buttons to press, but not want makes a good photo. We go into detail about what experienced photographers do to prepare to shoot their photos so that we understand why some shots turn out better than others.

You'll get an understanding of natural light and composition while learning how to use your camera. You’ll get in-depth information about do's and don'ts when it comes to cellphone photography so that nothing slips by unnoticed.



This Class is For:

  • Food bloggers
  • Chefs
  • Beginner photographers 
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to take better photos of food on their plate

It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android. The class works for both!

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Food Photography Made Easy


  • Module 1: Fundamentals to get started
  • Module 2: Good to have equipment
  • Module 3: Phone Settings
  • Module 4: Natural lighting
  • Module 5: Composition
  • Module 6: Editing & Apps


Hey, I'm Serena,


Hi, my name is Serena Lissy. I'm an award-winning photographer and a food photography teacher who can make your mouth water with just one picture. I'm also a classically trained pastry chef and chocolatier.

I've been taking pictures of food for over a decade now, and my skills are at an award-winning level! From breakfast in bed to decadent desserts for two, I can beautifully capture any meal with my camera so that your mouth is watering before you even start eating.

My specialty is teaching people how to bring dishes to life through their lens. With my easy-to-follow tutorials and step-by-step instructions for beginners as well as seasoned professionals alike, I will have you capturing incredible images of your delicious creations in no time!

Join me, and you'll learn how to take beautiful food photos that will tempt the taste buds and satisfy the eyes. It's easy enough for beginners, but it will look like a seasoned pro created it!

Get Inspired, Cook Confidently, Eat Well