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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

We've all had those moments when we're trying to bake and everything goes wrong - the cookies don't spread evenly, they burn on one side, or they fall flat. With so many recipes out there how are you supposed to know which ones will work?  Do you feel like maybe the baking gods are against you? There's nothing worse than trying to bake something delicious for your friends or family only to have it turn out terrible. It makes you feel like an amateur at best and a failure at worst.

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Baking should relieve stress, not create it. We have all been there; watching the oven, disappoined that the cookies spread and wondering if we should have just bought it from the bakery. Disappointed that we have a lot of mess and nothing to show for it.

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Why is baking so hard? Why do I always overbake the cookies? We all know that baking is good for us, but for most of us it's the opposite. We lack the confidence and knowledge to be successful in our own kitchen.

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We see others show off their creations on Instagram and wonder what they're doing that we aren't. You follow recipe after recipe and disaster strikes more times than not, you're convinced it's the oven! 

What If You Could...

What if we told you that baking doesn't have to be hard? What if we said there was a way for anyone—even people who think they can't bake—to make delicious cookies from scratch with no stress or mess? And what if we promised these homemade cookies would taste even better than the ones from the bakery down the street? Would you believe us then?

The problem with baking is that there are so many recipes and techniques to learn, it can be overwhelming. And you don't just have one recipe—you have dozens! Each one requiring different ingredients and techniques. It's hard to know which ones are worth the time or effort, especially for busy people who need their baked goods as fast as possible.


American Style Cookies - Online Course

 Our online cookie class will help you become an expert baker who knows exactly what they're doing in the kitchen. You'll learn everything from how to read recipes correctly, understand basic baking terminology, and tips for measuring ingredients properly so your desserts come out perfect every time. By following along with our step-by-step video tutorials you'll be able to bake delicious treats easily at home!

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Here's What You'll Get

✅ Learn to make 5 types of American Style Cookies: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, S'mores Cookies, Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Patties, Salted Caramel Fudgy Brownie Cookies, Skillet Cookies.

✅ We also include a course eBook with recipes, pictures, and instructions.

✅ Five Modules complete with detailed video lessons to let you watch every step of the process.

✅ Learn new skills and techniques while increasing your confidence in the kitchen.

Of Course, There Are Some Bonuses!

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Do you love to bake during the holidays? We do too! That’s why we created this eBook of our favorite Christmas cookies so you can continue to bake for the holidays. It includes all of our favorite recipes.

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Do you ever get confused about baking conversions? We use to as well. That's why we created this printable cheat sheet with all the answers to your baking conversion questions

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As a Serena Lissy Academy Alumni, you unlock special bonuses and discounts to our other professional programs for your continued learning.

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This Is For You If...

✅ You are a novice or experienced baker and want to learn to bake like a pro.

✅ You have a love for darn good cookies.

✅ You are seeking knowledge that will make you feel confident and inspired in the kitchen.

This Is Not For You If...

❌ You don't have access to a kitchen and oven.

❌ You are already a pro and have nothing else to learn.

❌ You want a live, in-person class.

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Kris, Past Student

“Wow! This recipe was not at all difficult and it turned out perfectly. Really, really delicious! I followed the recipe exactly as written and it was flawless. Keeper for sure.”

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Hey, I'm Serena

Working in corporate America with a job that I didn't have much creative freedom, the creativity of a pastry chef was so fascinating to me. It was an art form in my eyes. So I always told myself if money didn't matter, that's what I would do someday. Well someday finally happened!

There are so many reasons to love baking. I've always loved it because of the way it makes you feel - like your heart is smiling! It's not just about the process and ingredients; it also makes you feel good inside! And sharing those finished items with loved ones and sharing the joy is always so powerful. Baking is simply a form of spreading love.

I love teaching people about all the fun things like science or different techniques they haven't heard of before, but even more than that, I'm passionate about sharing with anyone who wants them. It doesn't matter if this is the first time you have picked up a whisk or have been cooking your whole life; I want to give you the knowledge to make you feel confident and inspired in the kitchen.

Get Inspired, Cook Confidently, Eat Well

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Linda, Past Student

“Great class! I learned so much from Serena and how to make cookies.”

So What Are You Waiting For? These Cookies Won't Make Themselves!

There is no need for any previous experience--just some passion for baking!
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